The Unique Tape Jobs of the NHL

The Unique Tape Jobs of the NHL

While there are several NHL players who have been known for their unique tape jobs, here are a few notable examples:

#1: Bobby Orr "One strip only" tape job

One of the all-time great defensman has probably one of the weirdest tape jobs ever. Sporting only one strip of tape in the middle of the blade, this tape job most likely did not provide much control for the puck, but that obviously did not stop Bobby Orr to become one of the best to ever play the game.

#2: David Pastrnak "Creative" tape job.

David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins is well-known for his distinctive tape job. He wraps his stick blade with a creative pattern using only a few wraps of hockey tape, making it stand out on the ice.

#3: Tim Stutzle "Unique" tape job

From Stutzle’s first NHL season, his distinctive tape job has been a magnet for attention. Some players tried to copy it, but Stutzle remains the first user for this unique tape job.

#4: Patrik Sharp "Sock" tape job

If Pastrnak and Stutzle save a lot of tape, it is most likely all used up by Patrick Sharp. His tapejob is a full heel to toe sock that probably uses up a whole roll of tape.

#5: Tyler Bertuzzi "Knob free"

Tyler is obviously no fan of tape. For the knob – he does not even use it. For the blade, he uses Rezztek® - a performance enhancing grip that replaces hockey tape.

#6: Alexandre Texier "Roller" tape job

Some players search for what works best of them. Here is an example for Alex Texier’s tapejob that resembles a roller hockey player. But then again – what other part of the blade does a hockey player use to touch the puck with?

    Please note that tape jobs can vary from player to player, and these examples represent just a few instances of NHL players with interesting tape jobs. The creativity and individuality of tape jobs are part of the personal preferences and style of each player.

    Andrej Dula

    Andrej Dula

    I am the founder & CEO at Rezztek®. I am also an avid hockey fan and beer league player. My mission is to develop and market great hockey products under the Rezztek® brand.

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