Zdeno Chara

"Ever since I tried Rezztek® few years back I felt big improvements immediately. Since then I only use Rezztek®."

David Kampf

"Everything in the game of hockey is evolving, yet tape stayed the same. Rezztek® is a step in the right direction and I enjoy using it."

Alex Carpenter

“Making the switch to Rezztek® has been the best decision I’ve made. My stick is so much lighter and my shot and hands are so much quicker.“

Moritz Müller

"I have not changed much with my equipment throughout my carreer. A teammate convinced me to try Rezztek®. I never went back to hockey tape. I wish it would have been on my stick from the start of my carreer."

Alexandre Texier

"I really like the feeling on the ice with Rezztek®. I feel the puck way more and my shot is better as well. I can use it for 2-3 games which is really nice. I love this stuff!"

Brandt Clarke

"I enjoy Rezztek® because it makes my blade lighter. I can feel the puck more and shoot from the correct locations on the blade. I can put more spin on the puck so I rarely have wobbly passes."

Personalize your stick with Rezztek®

Choose your Rezztek® and make it truly yours by adding your number or initials. Set yourself apart from competition by enhancing your performance and adding a personal touch to your Rezztek®.