Elevate Your Game with the Top 5 Must-Have Hockey Accessories

Elevate Your Game with the Top 5 Must-Have Hockey Accessories

Hockey is known for its thrilling speed, precision, and intensity. While the focus is often on the skills of the players and the quality of their equipment, the right accessories can make a world of difference in improving your hockey performance.

We'll introduce you to the top five hockey accessories that every player, from beginners to seasoned pros, should consider adding to their hockey bag.

These products are designed to enhance your performance, protect your equipment, and make practice more effective. Let's dive in!

#1: Rezztek® Blade Grip

Your hockey stick's blade is your most critical asset on the ice. Keeping it in top condition is essential for optimum puck control, quick release, and accuracy.

Rezztek®s are designed to enhance your grip on the puck, while being lighter and thinner than tape. Rezztek® prevents moisture and snow from building up as it is water repellent and water resistant.

Rezztek®s are the ultimate solution to ensuring consistent performance on the ice and are widely adopted by NHL players. How did Andrej Dula, CEO of Rezztek®, get Zdeno Chara to be the first NHL player to use Rezztek® in a game? "It was a great coincidence. My good friend Peter joined an on-ice summer training session with Big Zee in his hometown of Trencin, Slovakia. Peter was using the first Rezztek® prototypes on his stick and Zee became interested. Back then Zee used tape on his stick blade, but always removed the bottom portion with a razor, because he did not the unnecessary friction on the bottom of the blade. He immediately liked Rezztek® from the first try and we started talking about him using Rezztek® in the NHL. From there, our conversations evolved into a bigger partnership and we are lucky to have such a great player and ambassador also as an investor and first product tester in Rezztek®."

The full Rezztek® customization (adding your team’s logo or your number) is a very nice benefit as well.

#2: Hockey Wraparound

For players who love to practice off the ice, the Hockey Wraparound is a game-changer. This ingenious accessory allows you to use your favorite stick on rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete without damaging your blade.

The Hockey Wraparound slips over your blade, providing a durable, smooth surface for stickhandling and shooting drills. This means you can perfect your skills anywhere, anytime, without worrying about damaging your expensive stick. It's a must-have for off-ice training, giving you more time to hone your skills.

CEO of Hockey Wraparound, Lee Elias, what inspired you to create Hockey Wraparound? "What’s funny is that when I look back, I was always creating training aids since I was a kid. Back in the mid-to-late 90’s, off-ice training aids weren’t a thing. We would just go out and player roller or street hockey (sticks were much more affordable back then). As I got older, I got tired of using the street sticks we had, I wanted to use the stick I would be using on the ice. My father and I went to the hardware store and got a big piece of sheet metal and some WD-40. We greased it up and I could shoot pucks off it into the net in my garage. It was a primitive shooting pad. Years later, the thought came, “Why not find a way to wrap the steel around a hockey blade”. Thus, the first hockey wraparound was born. A year later we produced our first plastic version, and it was everywhere fast. Along with tremendous engineering from our Chief Product Officer, Matt Eastman, and a trust-first led approach with our fans, Hockey Wraparound is proud to be the original and number 1 blade protector in the world."

#3: Rocketgrip

Grip and control are paramount in hockey, and the Rocketgrip is designed to help players maintain a firm and comfortable grip on their sticks. It's a unique grip that applies to the butt end of your stick, that ensures better grip and feel for the stick.

Rocketgrip also helps players to save their gloves, as it does not include any adhesive, that are notoriously known to eat holes into the palms of your hockey gloves. Rocketgrip ensures a secure and confident hold that can make all the difference in crucial moments on the ice.

Aksels Zingulis, CEO of Rocketgrip, how did you conceive the idea for Rocketgrip and successfully bring it to fruition in Latvia, considering most hockey products originate from North America? "Essentially RocketGrip started when I was 17 years old and still played for the Juniors in Latvia. As a young and lazy kid, I was botherd how much it takes for me to re-tape the stick after every game and practice, it did not look appealing and the main struggle was that I did not have enough grip with regular tape, but the stretch tape just ate through my gloves really quickly. Naturally, I was seaking to find a solution how to top up my game, with the grip, that is everlasting, provides decent grip with stick which is not too tacky, whilist tacky enough to have this locked in feeling and does not consist of adhesives that rip the gloves. That being said, together with Reinis (co-founder), who is more technical guy, we came up with RocketGrip which is grip that adjusts to any form, provides firm grip, is personalizable with awesome designs and also does not consist of any glues, so saves my gloves. Eventhough, there are not so many hockey products here in Europe, we are glad that there are thousands of players that currently use RocketGrip's and these 2 kids in 2017 could put Latvia on the map as one of the best grip producers worldwide."


#4: Green Biscuit Off-Ice Training Puck

The Green Biscuit is a fantastic off-ice training tool for improving your stickhandling and passing skills. This puck is designed to mimic the feel of a real puck on ice, making it perfect for off-ice practice sessions. Its unique design reduces friction on rough surfaces, allowing it to glide smoothly and accurately on any hard surface. The Green Biscuit helps players develop quick, precise passes and stickhandling skills, making it an essential accessory for players of all skill levels.

Green Biscuit

#5: Howie's Wax

Maintaining a good grip on your stick is essential for puck control and shooting accuracy. Howie's Wax is the answer to keeping your blade's tape job in top shape. It's a specially formulated wax designed to enhance the durability and longevity of your stick tape. Applied over the tape, Howie's Wax repels moisture and ice shavings, keeping your tape dry and maintaining your grip even in wet conditions. This small but impactful accessory can make a significant difference in your performance on the ice.



In the world of hockey, success depends on a combination of skill, practice, and the right equipment. These top five hockey accessories – Rezztek® Blade Grip, Hockey Wraparound, Rocketgrip, Green Biscuit Off-Ice Training Puck, and Howie's Wax – can help players of all levels improve their game, whether by extending the life of their equipment, enhancing grip and control, or providing the means to practice off-ice effectively. Adding these accessories to your hockey bag can make a noticeable difference in your performance, so why wait? Elevate your game and get at least one of these fantastic hockey accessories today!

Adam Sipos

Adam Sipos

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