Did Hockey Wraparound inspire Bauer to create their own version?

Did Hockey Wraparound inspire Bauer to create their own version?

For hockey players, practicing off the ice is just as crucial as honing their skills on the rink. However, using your expensive hockey stick on rough surfaces can lead to quick wear and tear. That's where the Hockey Wraparound comes into play. This innovative accessory is a game-changer, providing players with a solution to protect their stick and improve their skills during off-ice training.

The Hockey Wraparound: A Game-Saver for Off-Ice Practice

The Hockey Wraparound is a simple yet ingenious product that has gained immense popularity among hockey enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals. It's designed to address the common problem of stick blade damage when practicing on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Hockey Wrap

Here's why the Hockey Wraparound is a must-have for any serious hockey player:

  1. Preserve Your Stick: Hockey sticks are not cheap and stick replacements can add up quickly. The Hockey Wraparound offers a cost-effective way to extend the life of your stick. By providing a durable, smooth surface for your blade, it prevents the abrasive materials on off-ice surfaces from causing damage. This means you can enjoy more effective practice without worrying about the condition of your stick.
  2. Realistic Feel: The Hockey Wraparound is engineered to mimic the feel of a real ice surface. This means you can work on your stickhandling, shooting, and passing skills with a puck that reacts similarly to how it would on the ice. The familiarity of the puck's movement allows you to fine-tune your skills with confidence.
  3. Convenience: One of the key advantages of the Hockey Wraparound is its ease of use. It's designed to fit most stick blades and can be easily attached and removed. This means you can take it to your local park, driveway, or any other rough surface, transforming it into your personal off-ice training ground in minutes. Diverse
  4. Applications: Whether you're a forward working on your dekes and wrist shots or a defenseman practicing your slap shots and passing, the Hockey Wraparound has got you covered. It's a versatile tool that benefits players of all positions.

Meeting the man behind the Hockey Wraparound

Lee Elias

Lee Elias, CEO of Hockey Wraparound

How did you think of developing Hockey Wraparound?

What’s funny is that when I look back, I was always creating training aids since I was a kid. Back in the mid-to-late 90’s, off-ice training aids weren’t a thing. We would just go out and player roller or street hockey (sticks were much more affordable back then). As I got older, I got tired of using the street sticks we had, I wanted to use the stick I would be using on the ice. My father and I went to the hardware store and got a big piece of sheet metal and some WD-40. We greased it up and I could shoot pucks off it into the net in my garage. It was a primitive shooting pad. Years later, the thought came, “Why not find a way to wrap the steel around a hockey blade”. Thus, the first hockey wraparound was born. A year later we produced our first plastic version, and it was everywhere fast. Along with tremendous engineering from our Chief Product Officer, Matt Eastman, and a trust-first led approach with our fans, Hockey Wraparound is proud to be the original and number 1 blade protector in the world.

How long does the Wraparound last on average?

It’s a tough question to answer - it would be like asking me how long will a stick last? I can tell you this, depending on usage, we have had people that go through one in 1-2 years, and we have others who go through them every few months. The users of both examples are more than happy with the experience and re-order when they need a new one. No matter what, we proudly offer our 30-day guarantee on all Wraparounds - if there is a problem or anyone feels they did not get their money worth, we WANT you to contact us so we can make it right.

Would you say you have more adults or kids using the Hockey Wraparound?

Great question. I would say 70% kids and 30% adults. As a training aid we aspire to be a tool for younger players to grow their game, but we are always there to assist adult players with their enjoyment of the game as well. If we are helping to make the game more accessible, we are happy!

You have a well-known and established product, are you thinking about expanding your product portfolio? And if yes, what other products are you considering?

Always! We like to think outside the box. This past year we released our first children’s book, “When Hockey Stops”, authored by me and Christie Casciano Burns (WSYR News Anchor, USA Hockey’s Hockey Mom, and Author of the Puck Hog Series). The book shares a story of resilience, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership in the face of adversity. It ranked in the top-10 charts for children's hockey books when released. It was incredibly well received, and we’d love to start work on a sequel soon. The book is now available at Pure Hockey.

Our research and development brains are also always working, and we are constantly thinking of new ideas. With that said, to get an idea from our minds to production is a very in-depth process that we take seriously. We pride ourselves on high quality and high performance and we will not put anything on the market if it does not reach our standards. I cannot tell you the secret project we are working on but I will say it lives once again in the realm of off-ice training and making sure the game is as fun as possible. 

Bauer just launched the Stick Blade Protector – a product very similar to the Hockey Wraparound at first sight. Is it Wraparound inspired? Was Bauer in touch with you or interested in the product? How do you respond to a competitor that is such a dominant player in the hockey industry?

First and foremost, its really cool for us to see a company as large as Bauer get into the blade protection game. Its flattering and a major compliment to the work we’ve done over the past decade. As we are the originators of the first widely known blade protection tool, along with being the primary voice in growing that space, we can only assume that we helped to inspire that product in coming to the market.


Unfortunately Bauer never reached out to us to collaborate on their product. Its a shame, we would have loved to work with them or any stick company that was serious about helping families save money while protecting their blades.  Just like the game of hockey, if you don’t have competition you can’t play the game. Bauer coming to the market motivates us, inspires us and challenges us to continue to be the best versions of ourselves we can be for our brand and the hundred of thousands of people that have trusted us with their sticks over the years.


The Hockey Wraparound is a game-changing accessory that has revolutionized off-ice training for hockey players. It's a cost-effective solution to preserve your stick, simulate realistic ice-like conditions, and improve your overall skills.

Andrej Dula

Andrej Dula

I am the founder & CEO at Rezztek®. I am also an avid hockey fan and beer league player. My mission is to develop and market great hockey products under the Rezztek® brand.

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