Why Hockey Players Are Ditching Tape on Their Sticks

Why Hockey Players Are Ditching Tape on Their Sticks

If you've been following the NHL in recent years, you may have noticed a growing trend among players: more and more skaters are starting to use blade grips instead of traditional hockey tape. But why are players ditching this age-old accessory? In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the reasons behind this shift.

Improved Puck Control

One of the most cited benefits of using blade grips is improved puck control. Because grips provide a grippy surface for the puck to hold on to, players can get a better feel for the puck, and execute more precise stickhandling maneuvers. With the puck glued to their blade, players can execute flashy moves (e.g. „Michigan“) and increase their scoring prowess.

Enhanced Durability

Another reason players are opting for blade grips is durability. Traditional hockey tape is notorious for wearing out quickly and becoming heavier by attracting ice and water, leaving players with a less than optimal grip for the puck. Blade grips, on the other hand, are made of more durable materials and can last far longer than tape, saving players both time and money in the long run.

Improved Consistency

The use of blade grips has been linked to more consistent play on the ice. Because the condition of player's stick blade remains constant throughout the game, they are better able to execute precise maneuvers and moves, regardless of how cold and wet and snowy the ice becomes. This can be especially advantageous for players who compete in high-pressure environments where every move counts.


It's clear that the use of blade grips is growing in popularity among hockey players of all levels. Between improved puck control, enhanced durability, and improved consistency, it's no wonder more and more players are ditching traditional tape. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, it may be worth exploring the benefits of replacing your tapejob for a grip.

The blade grip used in the NHL: Rezztek®

Rezztek® is the first blade grip that broke into the NHL. Currently used by players on 15+ NHL teams, Rezztek® is a lighter and thinner alternative to traditional hockey tape. Consistent in different conditions, with a grippy surface for superior puck control, Rezztek® is scientifically proven to improve shot speed and shot accuracy, while allowing the players to customize Rezztek® with team logo, number or initials.

Andrej Dula

Andrej Dula

I am the founder & CEO at Rezztek®. I am also an avid hockey fan and beer league player. My mission is to develop and market great hockey products under the Rezztek® brand.

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